Vocal Cord Nodules Cancer

Most cancer experts agree that vocal cord cancer likely begin as little areas of abnormal cells (dysplasia) that undergoes sequential changes that ultimately leads to the growth of cancer. Pre-cancerous lesions may show as a white or red plaque on the vocal cord, and indicate that a biopsy or removal of the lesion needs to be done to rule-out the presence of cancer. Research point toward that removing pre-cancerous lesion decreases the risk of increasing cancer.

The mainstays of Treatment for Vocal Cord Dysfunction involve teaching the patient vocal cord relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. These procedures have been very successful and are used concomitantly with psychological support in difficult cases.

Inhaled ipratropium may be useful treatment in patients with exercise-induced Vocal Cord Dysfunction. In a series of 6 patients receiving Vocal Cord Dysfunction Treatment with inhaled ipratropium, all patients reported recovers in symptoms.