Natural Essential Oils

There is one topic that deserves our full attention and it concerns the purity of Natural Essential Oils in general, and the topic of 100% Pure Essential Oils. This is an extremely important topic, for the reason that in our times we have difficulties in finding clean air, pure water, pure food, so mostly this issue of purity is also extremely important when it comes to using natural remedies.

First of all, lots of people think that the term Aromatherapy refers to "healing with the power of fragrance", that simply the harmonious smell of a plant can heal by somehow re-bringing harmony inside ourselves. Even though this is in part true, it's not 100% true. Let's be reminded that 100% Pure Natural Essential Oils can be used in lots of ways other than by releasing fragrance and aromas in the atmosphere, in our house, etc. Natural Essential Oils can also be used for body massage, and also to go faster the healing by directly applying them to the skin or wounded areas. And this brings about an essential issue: should we care about the purity of essential oils?

And the answer is "YES", we do. For the reason that active, healing ingredients in all therapies involving plants are their natural material, the natural perfectly-balanced working-together mother-nature-born "chemicals".

Also be reminded that Organic Essential Oils are very exact in their actions due to the natural and naturally balanced substance they include: a definite part of a plant may heal one illness, or help in the healing process for example: the leaves, while one more may heal an extra for example: the flowers. And why not, the bark may heal another. The same is true for different families of the similar species: one family can actually heal, while a further may be used very rarely or never in aromatherapy.

Also remember these points:

  • 100% Pure Natural Essential Oils usually come in small quantities
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils are usually found in dark bottles
  • The cost is not forever an indicator of quality. In the world of branding we live in, words are various times used irresponsibly. Brand costs. So don't take the cost as the only indicator for quality.
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils don't have any proteins (they are "oils"), so if you have an allergic reaction -not including the possibility of it being a curative reaction of a normal vital body- it may very well be sign of synthetic substances added to the whole compound.