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I understand and acknowledge the following: (a) actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on the website through which the product(s) are purchased; (b) I will read and follow all labels, warnings and directions in connection with using or consuming the product(s), and will contact a health care provider immediately if I suspect I have a medical problem or reaction; (c) the content on this website is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional; (d) the product(s) purchased are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition, and I will not use any information or statements contained on the website through which this product is purchased, or contained on or in such product(s), for such purposes.



The team behind creating this website takes no legal charge or accountability for anything that might happen to you naturally after purchasing our herbal products. We legally claim that all our products are herbal and 100% legal in compliance with our local and federal laws. Still, if something happens to you naturally or your loved one dies due to the disease itself we shall not be held accountable unless proven that the product has caused the problem

  • You are not allowed to re sell the products purchased from our online store.
  • Legal action will be taken against clients who distribute our products without obtaining a distribution license from the company itself.
  • Website owners are not legally responsible for anything that happens to you unless it is proven legally that the product has caused it.
  • The products enclosed in this website do not guarantee complete cure, treat or prevention of any disease.
  • You are advised to kindly observe laws of governing your respective countries.
  • We do not by any means encourage and are not responsible for any conflict that a customer might have with their national laws.
  • Our system by default does not allow ordering of the products that conflict with the laws of your respective country so if you are unable to make a purchase kindly understand that the product is not intended for sale in your country.


Any statement or overall content of this website is protected by copyright law. No one is allowed to copy the content available on this website or distribute without prior permission from the creators of this website. You are not allowed to edit, distribute, reproduce, or use the content for your personal use. From 10/15/2012 this content falls under the copyright law and has been posted on the website for assisting our clients to make purchasing decision easier for them and to also make them aware of the disease they are suffering from.


The site is owned, activated and functioned by Natural Herbs Clinic. By using references such as “we” “us” or “our” we mean the overall company and the team behind it. The content of this website, herbal products alongwith other relevant data provided for your information falls under the ownership of Natural Herbs Clinic. The site has been protected and owned by the owners downright according to the federal and international laws. Any affiliates, subsidies, licensors and vendors are closely connected to the entire network of Natural Herbs Clinic. The factual data provided for information purposes on various ailments has been collected from various websites because the facts cannot be modified or edited until and unless a new research has been identified. In case you feel the data on this website is similar to other websites please understand that they are generalized facts that cannot be changed or modified.

Attributes & Trademarks

Natural Herbs Clinic is a trademark corporation owned by the creators of this website who have invested (with proofs of payment) in the production, manufacturing and overall assembling of the products and the website itself. The company does not by any chance shares its trademark with any other herbal or drug corporation. The company is sole proprietorship without any partners involved. In case the company goes public or a partner is introduced it will be announced in writing on our website. Any trademarks, service marks and logos other than the Natural Herbs Clinic used in this site for advertisement purposes are the trademarks, service marks or logos of their respective owners and Natural Herbs Clinic bears no responsibility of them. You have no absolute right to use any marks of Natural Herbs Clinic or any other object by virtue of your usage of this website.

Pricing Information

Natural Herbs Clinic possesses all rights to sell products on prices varying from this website depending upon the economic situation of the country we are operating in. We will time to time keep the process updated so that the confusions can be avoided but just in case we are unable to upload the updated prices on our website and charge you more or less while you place the order kindly respect and understand that it has been done based upon the current economic situation of the country of origin or overall inflation rate going up or down. In order to avoid any hassle kindly contact our customer services staff to make sure that the prices mentioned on the website are correct and still valid at the time of purchase. Get latest price quote and make a decision accordingly. Once you have placed the order and it has been confirmed you are not allowed to claim a refund without any valid reason.

Delivery Information

Natural Herbs Clinic believe in quick delivery of the products without causing any delays so that the customers can get their hands on the product as soon as possible. In case of technical delays or any technical mishap the product will get delayed and the customers will be informed over the phone or via e-mail whatever means of communication the customer provided at the time of ordering the product. The delays caused due to major environmental changes, war, fire, economic conditions of the country itself or other natural disasters require full cooperation from the customers in the form of patience and clemency of any time lag.

Shipping & Refund

  • All international orders will be shipped within 13 – 15 days after ordering the product and once the status of order has been confirmed from the customer.
  • The processing time is about 3 – 5 days and then the shipping time.
  • We do not process any orders on the weekends so kindly note that these 15 days include all business days and exclude weekends.
  • You are responsible to kindly notify us of any address change within 24 hrs after order process, because once the product has been shipped on the already mentioned address our company will not be responsible for deliveries at the wrong address.
  • All orders move by DHL and our company responsible of delivery sign
  • Also our company not responsible for prove of delivery and receiver signature.
  • The product is not refundable and so please read all the information about the product which given our site

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