Costochondritis is a painful condition caused by inflammation in the chest. Read its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment from Natural Herbal Clinic
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Costochondritis is the wib and cheat wall disorder which causes inflammation in costochondral joints. It is the inflammation between the cartilage that joins the ribs to the breastbone and the breastbone to the collarbone, that is the reason, it is also called inflammation of junctions.

Key Facts

  • Sometimes characterized by pain in the Chest wall.
  • Also known as Costosternal syndrome and Costosternal chondrodynia.
  • Costo means related to the ribs and chondr means related to the cartilage and itis means inflammation.
  • Pain associated with this disease usually occurs on left side of breastbone.
  • It affects more than one rib.
  • Severe cases of costal cartilage inflammation that involve swelling are referred to as Tietz’s syndrome.
  • Tietz’s syndrome is a term often used interchangeably with Costochondritis.
  • It has no noticeable swelling.
  • Individuals must avoid strenuous physical activity to prevent the onset of an attack.
  • One of the most common causes of musculoskeletal chest pain.

Causes of Costochondritis

There is an ongoing research on identifying Costochondritis causes but just a few have been identified yet and they conclude that Costochondritis is caused when:

  • Musculoskeletal chest pain.
  • Over use of arms.
  • Trauma to the chest wall.
  • Viral respiratory infection.
  • Drugs use.
  • Upper chest surgery.
  • Direct surgery.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Fungal infections.
  • Severe bouts of coughing.
  • Strenuous exercise.
  • Joint infections.
  • Noncancerous or cancerous tumors.

Symptoms of Costochondritis

Some of the evident Costochondritis symptoms that authorize the presence of disease include:

  • Abdomen pain.
  • Back pain.
  • Ribs pain.
  • Deep breathing difficulty.
  • Musculoskeletal chest pain.
  • Heart disease.
  • Heart attack.
  • Inflammation around the heart.
  • Inflammation around the lungs.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Worsen coughing.




We have been trying our best to come up with something that can help eradicate Costochondritis so that people can enjoy healthy lifestyle and get rid of the constant chest pain that can make it very difficult to lead a normal life. We, as an organization decided to get into herbal medication because we did not want to take any risk when it comes to playing with people’s bodies and immune systems. We decided to go all herbal because that is one thing that does not have any side effects even if it doesn’t work out to eliminate the abnormality completely. Here’s an answer to the one question that might pop in a lot of people’s minds once they make up their mind a tad bit.

What is so special about our formula?

  • Reduces fatigue significantly.
  • Reduces the chance of heart attack.
  • Noticeable improvement in chest pain.
  • Reduces back, abdominal and ribs pain.
  • Massive improvement in coughing.
  • Purely herbal.
  • Free of side effects.
  • Easy to consume.
  • Produced after conducting details research on ingredients used.
  • Free of chemicals.
  • Long lasting results.
  • Administered by 5 experts in herbal science.

Ingredients used

Based on their proven effectiveness extracts from the following herbs have been pooled together in explicit quantities determined by experts:

  • Cinnamonus Tamala 27.62 mg
  • Aracylus Pyrethrum 27.62 mg
  • Myristica Fragrans 27.62 mg
  • Asparagus Recemosus 27.62 mg
  • Bombax Malabaricum 27.62 mg
  • Tamarindus Indica 27.62 mg
  • Trianthema Partulacastrum 27.62 mg
  • Celastrus Paniculata 27.62 mg
  • Hygrophilla Spinosa 27.62 mg
  • Datura Alba 27.62 mg
  • Acacia Arabica 69.06 mg
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra 34.53 mg

What to Expect?

Once the routine is complete and you have reached a milestone of almost 2 to 3 months you will begin noticing great improvement in your chest pain, rib pain and abdominal discomfort. You would also notice great improvement in your cough and fatigue. 

  • The herbal pill is intended for oral use only.
  • Take 2 tablets each day in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner.
  • Fix times for daily intake and follow precisely.
  • Be regular to witness the most outstanding results. 

Here we have some old school tips compiled for you to take advantage from. We will keep updating them as soon as we come up with something new through experiment. In the meanwhile read and follow these:

  • Avoid activities that require a lot of effort.
  • Stop using staircase more than once a day.
  • Avoid having chilled drinks because they add onto the chest pain.
  • Avoid going out in the cold weather.
  • Use warm compresses to keep the pain away.


  • All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Costochondritis management routine with our herbal pills.
  • These tips and tricks are by no means a replacement of our herbal pills or any other prescribed medication.
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