6 Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome


What is Sjogren’s Syndrome?

Any damage or unsettling influence to the delicate tear film of the eye causes a condition called “Sjogren’s Syndrome “. When without of tears, the eyes suffer a chronic lack of moisture because of harm to the tear organ. This results in relentless dryness, irritation, and a smoldering sensation in the eye. Dry eyes are medicinally referred as Keratitis sicca, which implies decrease in the quality/amount of the tear supply. The eye depends on moisture for its appropriate working. The lesser the supply of tears, the more terrible the condition gets to be. Try Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome for complete treatment of infection.

Some of the Sjogren’s Syndrome Symptoms include: scratchiness, Pain, irritation, burning sensation and light sensitivity in the eyes. Different home remedies are accessible for dry eyes that can be executed at home. These Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome include straightforward fixings that are accessible in all households.

Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome

Some of Sjogren’s Syndrome Natural Remedies include the following:

Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome

Eye Hygiene

People with dry eyes tend to always rub their eyes. This can bring about aggravation, while forcing dust and organisms to enter the eyes. Eye hygiene ought to be kept up and rubbing ought to be stayed away from however much as could be expected.


With regards to giving cool relief to your eyes, cucumber is the best decision. For Sjogren’s Syndrome Herbal Treatment Cut new chilled cucumber into respectably thin cuts and place them on the eyes. The chilled cucumber naturally numbs the dry sensation.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is referred to go act as a water retainer. In this sense, it is one of  the useful Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome to put a solitary drop of castor oil in the eye. A study on castor oil and its optometric function demonstrated that it is useful for dry eyes in cases of meibomian organ dysfunction.

Rose Water

Cold Milk or Rose Water

Dip a piece of cotton either in rose water and milk and apply it on your closed eyes. Leave it on for around 10 minutes. This will allow the eyes to relax, along these lines reducing strain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can also be considered as an option for Sjogren’s Syndrome Dry Eyes. The gel liquid inside the leaf of the Aloe Vera can be connected on the eye lid.

Warm Water

Warm Water

Soak towel warm water, expel excess water, and cover the upper face for 15-20 minutes. This would keep up the dampness in the eyes.

With the above remedies and precautions, a man could without much of an easily Sjogren’s Syndrome Treatment. Even if you don’t have dry eyes, it’s generally good to take safety precautions and take care of your eyes. If you want to try herbal treatment of dry eye then visit Natural Herbs Clinic.


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