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Use Natural Remedies for Benign Essential Tremor to Get Relief

Natural Remedies for Benign Essential Tremor Essential tremor is a nervous system disorder that causes unconditioned and pulsing shaking. It can affect almost every part of the human body, but the tremor occurs usually in your hands especially when you do simple tasks, such as drinking from a glass. Benign essential tremor (ET) is also a movement …

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Natural Remedies for Benign Essential Tremor a Neurological Condition

Natural Remedies for Benign Essential Tremor

Natural Remedies for Benign Essential Tremor Essential tremor is a neurological condition causing involuntary shaking or jerking. The hands and arms are the body parts most often affected by essential tremor, but the movements can sometimes involve the rest of the body and its functions, particularly the head and the voice. In some cases, these …

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Essential Tremor : A Kind of Uncontrollable Tremble of The Body Parts

Essential tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic, shaking of a part of the body. It most commonly influences the arms, hands and head, and can also influence the jaw, face and vocal ropes. Once in a while, it influences the trunk and legs. Herbal Treatment for Benign Essential Tremor is effective for the patients of this disease …

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Benign Essential Tremor Description, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Benign Essential Tremor? Benign Essential Tremor is involuntary fine rhythmic moment of any part of the body. The most commonly effected area is upper limbs and is marked while performing some work. It may also affect voice, head and legs. It is referred to as adult movement disorder as it occurs after age …

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Most Common Medications For Benign Essential Tremor

While doing a research on recent medications for BET (Benign Essential Tremor) found the following two most common medications which help eradicate this disease. But it is believed that these medicated treatments have various side effects too. Here is the excerpt taken from an online portal. Have a look. The 2 medications are: Primidone and …

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