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A lot of people do wonder about the diagnosis of Costochondritis as the chest pain it brings along can be a symptom of so many disorders. In order to make things clear we thought to do some research online to gather it all here in one place for so many of you yearning to find out the correct diagnosis for this disorder. Here is our first research and we will keep posting more. We found some very helpful information on

which we thought should be shared with you all.
We have pasted the word by word article here so that we are not blamed for breaching and copyright laws. The website states the following:
“If you have symptoms of costochondritis, your GP will carry out a physical examination by looking at and touching the upper chest area around your costochondral joint. They will ask you when and where your pain occurs, and look at your recent medical history.
Before a diagnosis can be confirmed, some tests may need to be carried out to rule out other possible causes of your chest pain. These may include:

  •  an electrocardiogram (ECG), which records the rhythms and electrical activity of your heart
  • a blood test to check for signs of underlying inflammation
  • a chest X-ray

If no other condition is suspected or found, a Diagnosis of Costochondritis may be made. Tietze’s syndrome may be diagnosed if you have swelling in your chest, in addition to your other symptoms.

Hope you find this information helpful and don’t go anywhere. Stick to this space for so many news and articles we collect for you so that you can be very well aware of the disease and know what others have found our through their research. We are very open to all sorts of information and we believe all websites that provide CORRECT information should be studied and don’t base you opinions on one portal only.


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