Alopecia Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Alopecia?

Hair loss is medically known as Alopecia. It can occur at any age presenting as coin sized patch of baldness and can even affect eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, body and limbs. Prediction of amount of hair loss is impossible. There is re growth but the determination of its time and the guarantee of re-growth can’t be given. The hairs which re-grow are white at first and the chances of re-growth are less in alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis as compaired tp alopecia areata. The best Natural Treatment for Alopecia presently available for it is alopecia herbal medication.

Alopecia Causes

The main Alopecia Causes is the inflammatory reaction which is triggered due to an autoimmune disorder which attacks the growing hairs. The reason of this reaction is not fully understood. Other autoimmune diseases are more likely to appear in such patients. These diseases include diabetes, thyroid disease, Vitiligo and lupus. Stress is sometimes related to alopecia as its trigger. There is also a genetic predisposition to this condition and blood relatives are likely to develop this condition at any stage of life.


Alopecia signs and Symptoms

Initial Alopecia Signs and Symptoms occur in patches with normal looking or inflamed and scaly underlying skin. Sometimes diffused involvement of the skin occurs instead of localized areas. Exclamation like or short hairs are present around the affected area. The re-growth starts from the center of the affected area with initial white hairs which will regain color later. Some people might develop pits on the nails known as trachyonychia.
Alopecia differential diagnosis: There are several other conditions which can cause lose of hair. This include ringworm infection, habitual pulling of hairs, trichotillomania and traumatic hair loss. Some other conditions that lead to hair loss but are due to other causes are male pattern baldness, androgenetic dependant alopecia, diffused hair loss, telogen effluvium and scarring alopecia.

Alopecia Diagnosis

The Diagnosis of Alopecia is done on the basis of clinical examination of patient. Some of the tests which will confirm the diagnosis include the pull test in which gentle pull is applied on three different areas of the scalp and the amount of hairs coming out is counted. The pluck test is done to examin the hair from its root and determines the stage of hair growth and presence or absence of any systemic disease. Scalp biopsy, daily hair count and tricoscopy can also be done to help in diagnosis. Blood CP is sometimes require to confirm the absence of any other systemic disease.

Alopecia Treatment

There is no permanent non-invasive Alopecia Treatment. Corticosteroids, minoxidil, anthralin and diphencyprone are used in several cases but all of them have side effects. Alopecia Herbal Product is a natural product which used for Natural Treatment for Alopecia without any side effects. It is made of natural herbs under expert’s guidance.

Alopecia Prevention

There is no specific alopecia prevention. So things that might prove helpful include eating healthy, practicing stress reliving therapies and avoiding tying hair in ponytail and formation of curls.

Alopecia Complications

Normally total hair recovery is possible but it can lead to eczema, chronicity, complete loss of hair and dandruff.

Herbal Treatment for Alopecia

Alopecia treatment is done in numerous different ways. Different kinds of treatments have been developed which involves medicine based treatment as well as natural Herbal Treatment for Alopecia. The treatment is generally a long term diagnosis and is continued for a pretty long time.

There have been a number of studies done to find out proper treatment option. Alopecia Herbal Treatment has been seen that alopecia can be fight by applying onion juice on the scalp. It was seen that hair re-growth occurred as early as 8 weeks. It is only possible in most cases to simply manage the symptoms in case of alopecia. These methods may promote hair growth but the underlying disease condition will still remain and other patches of hair loss may also continue to occur.

Natural Treatment for Alopecia

Natural Treatment for Alopecia

You do not need to meet doctors immediately; instead, let’s try some following ancient, proven natural home remedies for alopecia introduced on our Natural Herbs Clinic site. These remedies are collected from sharing of those who recovered from this disease. Therefore, you are highly recommended to keep reading this article and find some proper home remedies and Natural Treatment for Alopecia that work for yourself.

Natural way includes Alopecia Areata Treatment Garlic juice and onion; rosemary, almond, mustard, lavender and coconut oil; coconut milk; honey; ginkgo leaves; and licorice root. You also need to reduce stress and soak up the sun regularly to prevent deficiencies and more damage to hair.


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