Costochondritis – Chest Wall Pain

What is Costochondritis?

Also recognized as chest wall pain, costosternal chondrodynia and costosternal syndrome, costochondritis is normally a temporary costal cartilage inflammation that connects every rib to sternum at costosternal joint, thus a common reason of chest pain. While costochondritis is mostly self-limited, the condition can be recurring which may appear having no or little symptoms of onset. Sufferers of the condition are normally instructed to avoid physical activity in order to prevent an onset of the attack. Luckily, the condition is not very dangerous, and is curable! Natural herbs clinic, after prolong years of research has prepared Costochondritis, a Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis which can treat the condition in a best possible manner.

Costochondritis Causes

The condition is mostly idiopathic, since in the majority of the cases, the causes are not obvious. Few times, the condition can be cause due to minor chest injuries repeatedly, or certain physical activities that someone is habitual of, perhaps moving or decorating furniture.

Who Can Develop Costochondritis?

Surprisingly, there is no specific individual more at its risk than another. However it is more likely to affect individuals above forty years. However, it can also affect teenagers, young adults and children as well. Few studies suggest that females tend to get affected comparatively more than males. Moreover, individuals with fibromyalgia can develop the condition more than others.

Costochondritis Symptoms

The condition causes great chest pain, which the person can feel at the front of his chest. Normally, it is stabbing and sharp in nature plus can be extremely severe. Such pain worsens with movement, deep breathing and exertion. Pressure on an affected area can also tent to cause sharp pain. Few individuals can feel aching pain as per the experts of natural herbs clinic.



The condition is basically the inflammatory costosternal or costochondral joints process which causes tenderness and localized pain. Any of your seven costochon junctions can be affected plus over a site tends to get affected in ninety percent of the cases. 2nd to 5th costochondral junctions are most commonly involved.

Costochondritis Diagnosis

Physical exam and personal history are the basis of diagnosis. Your doctor may seek tenderness over your affected rib joints. Though, tests are at times used in order to rule out some other conditions which may have identical symptoms, which tends to be more dangerous like the heart disease.

Costochondritis Treatment

The condition can be treated with medication or physical therapy. The treatment can involve the usage of NSAIDs like ibuprofen or some other medications of pain relief. Extreme conditions may call opioid medication use, such as oxycodone or hydrocodone, antidepressant or anti-epileptic drugs. Injected or oral corticosteroids can be use specifically for the cases which are unresponsive to NSAIDs. All in all, the drug proves to be a temporary relive of the pain associated with the condition while not curing it permanently. Natural herbs clinic, the home of cure, offers Costochondritis Treatment, which has successfully treated numerous of patients who turned believing the product their only problem solver. The product can effectively treat the condition, since it is prepared with some very useful herbal ingredients gathered from all over the world. It has no side effects and is totally easy on your pocket!

Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis

Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis

Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis is not generally necessary as the symptoms often disappear on their own. Still, there are some examples when the condition can become actually worse and your activities are then affected because of the pain. Another Natural Treatment For Costochondritis that you can do is applying hot packs on the painful area. Apply them some times a day, particularly before doing any activity that will cause costochondritis. Be sure to be careful in applying hot packs for you can burn yourself if they are too hot, or if they are left on the area for too long.

There are also some self-care Natural Remedies For Costochondritis that you can do if you are in need of  Costochondritis Herbal Treatment. It is essential that you have adequate rest, especially during attacks. Lack of sleep, too much work and stress, and overdoing things are known to be triggers of chest wall pain. Gentle exercise for example walking and swimming can help get better your body as well as your condition. Application of heat at the specific area.

Patients can obtain Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis at Natural Herbs Clinic with complete result in reasonable rates.


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