Eye Bags

Eye Bags – A Comprehensive Overview

What is Eye Bags?

Eye Bags, also recognized as swelling or puffy eyes refer to appearance of puffiness in the tissues that are present around your eyes called orbits. The areas under the eyes are especially at risk to store the fluid, in case your body tends to retain some extra fluid; such extra fluid is more likely to get stored under it, hence causing eye bags. It is not a dangerous medical condition, and tends to reduce at own sometimes, however if left untreated, can cause severe medical complications in the future. Natural Herbs Clinic provide herbal treatment option for eye bags. Herbal Remedies for Eye Bags is a useful option for get rid of eye bags without any side effects.

Possible Causes of Eye Bags

The prominent cause of having eye bags is aging. Besides it can be heredity. Few other factors such as fluid retention specifically caused because of weather changes (humid, hot), eating habits of salty foods, hormone levels, flat sleeping on the back, not taking good sleep, or even oversleeping, excessive consumption of alcohol or even tobacco, dermatitis or allergies and excessive crying can also be some major Causes of Eye Bags. Skin disorder can also be a major cause of Eye Bags according to the experts of natural herbs clinic.

Eye Bags Indication

Puffiness in eye bags appears right below your eyes, thickened patch of your skin can appear sagging, and hence can be purple or red in color, it is due to blood which tends to fill the underneath surface. Mostly, color and swelling is limited to the skin’s pocket under your eye. Itching in the affected area, besides sensitivity (rarely) can be experienced.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags Prevention

Few mentioned tips can actually help elimination or reducing eye bags: Cool compress around and under the eyes for some minutes with a little pressure, take good sleep around eight to nine hours, sleep with the head a little raised, reduce allergy symptoms if the reaction is caused due to soaps, hair dyes, cosmetics etc ( take advice from your doctor), place cucumber on the eye bags for around 15 minutes daily, consume a diet enriched with vitamin A. The experts of natural herbs clinic will advice you the Herbal Remedies for Eye Bags Herbal Treatment, it can effectively treat the problem more effectively. It has successfully proved to treat numerous sufferers of Eye bags, hence an ultimate treatment which is well known and well appreciated.

Eye Bags Treatment

In case of chronic puffiness certain procedures can lessen this physical feature of yours. Chemical peel and laser resurfacing can actually help tighten and improving your skin, minimizing appearance of puffiness. Besides Blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure is a treatment in which the surgeon eliminates some excess skin and fat and hence reducing bulge of the eye bags, all in all, that can cost you a lot of money, and such treatments are also very painful. There are also chances of fluid to recur after the surgical treatment. However the ultimate solution of eye bags is introduced by Natural Herbs Clinic by the name of eye bags, it has no possible side effects or risks, as it is prepared by natural ingredients.

Natural Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags

Natural Herbal Remedies for Eye Bags Treatment

The best Natural Treatment for Under Eye Bags is available at your home itself. Just make sure that you regularly follow the remedies to get the desired results within a shorter time span. Keep reading to know the easy-to-do and Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Keep your eyes moisturized.
  • You can also use a good concealer to hide your puffy eyes. Try to cover your concealer with a thin coat of powder to help it stay for a long time.
  • Wear hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Certain allergies can as well cause under eye bags, so treat them right away so that you can stop under eye bags caused due to allergies.
  • Natural Treatment for Eye Bags with Aloe Vera contains essential vitamins and antioxidants. It not only lessens the puffiness under the eyes but as well tones the skin and has anti-aging effects.
  • If your job involves working on the computer for long hours, take 4 to 5 minutes of break every hour and close your eyes.
  • Wash your face with warm water and drape a soft cotton towel on your face to absorb the water without rubbing the skin. Avoid using hot water and rough towel.
  • Ice Pack, Potatoes, Aloe Vera and Tomato Juice are some effective aliments which play very important role in Eye Bags Herbal Treatment and recovery. These herbal ingredients use in any kind of herbal medicine which works probably without any side effects.


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