Honey for Acne Scars: Brilliant Natural Remedies for Acne to Get Rid of It

What is Acne?

Most of us have faced acne outbursts at least at some point of time in life. Acne can occur in various shapes and forms. For centuries, honey has been considered to be a wondrous potion in treating bad skin. If you are going through the initial stage of acne spate, then you must be looking for the best home remedies to get rid of this too. Why not opt for honey first? It’s cheap, easily available, and hassle-free to use. In this guide, we have listed down 17 usages of honey to heal acne. Still thinking is honey is one of the good natural remedies for acne? Read on.

What causes acne?

The following points will show you the average reasons behind acne outbreaks:

Clogged glands- leading to disruptive production and discharge of sebum

Hormonal imbalance during teenage as well as pregnancy

Acne can be passed on genetically

Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, and pollution exposure

Zero personal hygiene

Lack of proper diet

Not applying sunblock cream enough

High-stress level

What are the symptoms of acne?

The below-mentioned symptoms can help you to figure out whether your skin has had an acne outbreak:

The sudden surge of visible blackheads on the nose, forehead, or cheeks.

Tiny, hot, red bulges throughout the face

Painful and pus-filled nodules under the skin (cystic acne)

Not-so-visible white heads underneath the skin surface

Bulbous and raw pimple break-out on skin with oozing tips

Skin getting duller and blackish day by day

The failure of simple scrub and face-pack to eradicate any of the above

A list of remedies containing honey for acne treatment

Natural Remedies for Acne
Natural Remedies for Acne

Read About The Natural Remedies for Acne

Lemon and honey for acne

Honey is full of B2, B3, and B5 vitamins and is a very effective Herbal Treatment for Acne. These same ingredients are present in any random OTC acne cream too. One of the simplest home hacks for getting rid of acne would be – blending lemon juice and honey in equal proportions and massaging your face with the concoction. It’s mandatory to wash your face with lukewarm water and gentle face wash, after direct application of raw honey.

Honey and cinnamon for acne

Honey and cinnamon are very helpful Natural Remedies for Acne that Not only do the honey and cinnamon mask treats your acne and pimple problem with care, but also lend your skin a sweet, lingering smell. For the desired result, combine honey and cinnamon in equal quantity and slather your face with the fusion. Leave for 10 minutes, before removing with a cold water splash.

Honey mask with apple

Before trying out this one of the best tips and tricks for getting rid of acne, you must test out whether your skin is prone to allergy to Apple’s glycolic acid. If not, then go ahead and make a pulp of the Apple after taking out its seeds completely. Mix up raw honey with it, make a fine paste, and put it on your face. Make a honey mask with an apple can be a very effective Home Remedies for Acne treatment.

How to use raw honey

For a busy bee, it becomes difficult to make a honey acne mask and apply it every day religiously. If you have lazy bones, then you shall be pleased to know that coating your face with raw honey can also work miraculously to remove acne. Wash your face and cover it with organic honey only. Gently massage your skin in circular motions for better blood flow and detoxification.

Remove acne with honey and brown sugar

Brown sugar is instrumental in removing dead skin. On the other hand, honey’s anti-bacterial property can detoxify the pores of your acne-prone face. Blend 1 tablespoon of crushed brown sugar with 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Make a fine paste and apply it to your face evenly. For best results, repeat this Natural Treatment for Acne treatment process daily before shower.

Drink honey water to heal acne and pimple

Leave alone the distressful acne scars; even a single pimple on top of your nose is enough to ruin the day. Why not alleviate it once for all by consuming raw honey with warm water every morning? Have this as the first thing in the morning- on an empty stomach.

Honey with Aspirin

If you are willing to experiment with homemade masks for acne, then the honey-aspirin paste is the way to go.  An aspirin tablet contains salicylic acid, which is active in skin tightening. Combine 2-3 grounded aspirin tablets with honey and water. A combination of honey and aspirin can be very cooperative Herbal Remedies for Acne remover without any struggle and side effects.

Honey and Indian clay

Indian clay works surprisingly well on oily skin- infected with acne. Prepare a substance of honey, rose water, Indian clay and sandalwood powder. Just 20 minutes of application of it every day- is guaranteed to ward off acne and pimples alike.

Honey and tomato

1 ripe tomato can provide your skin with multiple nourishments- from de-tanning to detoxifying as well as evening out the pH level. When a mashed tomato is mixed well with organic honey to make a gooey paste, consider this as one of the Herbal Products for Acne to get rid of it.

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Honey for Acne Scars: 17 Brilliant Ways You Can Use It to Cure Bad Skin


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