How can you combat Ageism


The American Psychological Association believes that the issue of ageism is a major issue that must be dealt with just as sex, race and discrimination based on disability. They suggest that increasing the public’s awareness of the problems that ageism causes can be helpful. As the number of seniors increases the need to find ways to reduce ageism is becoming more crucial.

How can you combat Ageism

What is discrimination based on age?

This happens the case when you are discriminated against due to your age in some of those circumstances protected by the Equality Act. The Equality Act has some exceptions. In particular students are not shielded from age-based discrimination in schools.

The treatment may be a single-time event or due to the policy or rule that is that is based on the age. It doesn’t need to be a deliberate act for it to be considered illegal.

There are certain a situation where being treated differently because of age is legal, as described below is helium bad for you .

What is the Equality Act says about age discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 says that you should not be discriminated against for:

  • You are (or you aren’t) an exact age or belong to a particular age group
  • Someone believes that they believe you (or someone believes you are (or) an age or group of people it is referred to as discrimination based on perception
  • You are associated with an individual of a certain age or group of age it is referred to as discrimination through association

Age categories can be very broad (for instance, ‘people who are younger than 50 or ‘fewer than 18s’). They may also be specific (for example, “people who are in the mid-40s’). The terms ‘young and ‘youthful’ as well as “elderly” or ‘pensioner’ could also refer to a particular age range.

Different kinds of discrimination based on age

There are four major types of age discrimination.

Straight discrimination

It happens when someone is more cruel to you than someone else in the same situation because due to your age. For instance:

  • Your employer is refusing to let you to attend a course because she thinks that you are too old for the job however, she allows your younger colleagues to take part in the course.Direct age discrimination is permissible in the event that the company or employer can prove that there is a valid reason to discriminate.

This is referred to as objective justification. Examples:

  • If you’re 17 years old, you may you are 17 and want to apply for a job at the construction site. The construction company is not able to take on under 18s at the site due to the fact that accidents have shown that it is a risk for the workers. The treatment you receive by the company may be justified.
  • The owner of a guesthouse charges more than her normal prices for those who are under 21. The owner hopes this will deter youngsters from booking as there have been a few who have caused damage recently. The better option is to request an advance. It is highly unlikely that the guest house will justly charge the higher rates.

Direct discrimination

Indirect discrimination occurs in organizations that have an established policy or method of working that is applicable to everyone, yet makes people from your age group in an advantage. Examples:

  • If you’re 22 years old, you discover that you aren’t allowed to advance because your employer’s policy is that only those who hold a postgraduate degree (such as a Masters) are eligible to be promoted. While this is true for everyone, it is not applicable to people who are your age since they are more likely to not have the required qualifications.
  • Opticians allow customers to purchase the glasses through installments when they are employed. This can indirectly discriminate against older individuals as they are less likely to work.

As with direct discrimination against the elderly in indirect discrimination, it can be allowed provided that the company or employer can demonstrate an adequate basis for the policy. This is referred to as objective justification.


Harassment is when you suffer from feeling humiliated, angry, or downright humiliated. Examples:

  • In a class in the workplace, the instructor is constantly expressing that an older employee is slow learns to use a brand new software program due to his age. This could be considered to be harassment due to the employee’s age.

Harassment cannot be justifiable. But, if an organization or employer can prove that it took all measures to stop employees working for them from doing the way, you won’t be able to bring an allegation of harassing them, but you may be able to file a complaint against the person who harassed you.

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