Seborrheic Keratosis

To Get rid of Seborrheic Keratosis Utilize Natural Remedies

Seborrheic keratosis is also called senile moles. This is a condition that typically affects older adults. It is a skin growth that resembles moles, warts, and skin cancer. Seborrheic keratosis can appear on every part of your body. These growths tend to have a waxy appearance. Also, these blemishes can look scaly or slightly elevated. The cause for seborrheic keratosis is not known but as people are getting older, they have increased chances of getting it. Also, seborrheic keratosis can run in families. The seborrheic keratosis is rough bumps that are small and swoly thicken. To treat this condition applies Natural Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis that has the ability to lessen the symptoms.

The color can range from white to black. In most cases, they are tan or brown. These bumps can be small as a fraction of an inch or they can be big as a half–dollar. These growths can develop on the neck, face, scalp, stomach, back, and chest. In some cases, they can appear individually but in most cases, they appear in multiples. The seborrheic keratosis is painless unless it is irritated by outside factors.

There are some cases when the growths can itch. These growths can mimic the appearance of the cancerous mole in some cases but they are no reason to be worried. If you feel discomfort and embarrassment caused by seborrheic keratosis, then you can use some of the below-mentioned home remedies. If you suffer from seborrheic keratosis, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below-mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Natural remedies for seborrheic keratosis
Natural remedies for seborrheic keratosis

Natural remedies for seborrheic keratosis

Cool compress:

 You should apply a cool compress directly on your skin because this can ease the irritated seborrheic keratosis growth. You should run cool water over a washcloth. Then, wring out the excess water and apply this washcloth to your skin. You should repeat this Natural Treatment for Seborrheic Keratosis when the condition feels itchy or if you are experiencing discomfort. [1]

Vitamin D:

There are some studies in which are shown that there is a link between skin growth and the lack of the body of certain nutrients or vitamins [2]. You should increase your Vitamin D levels because this can boost the immunity of your skin. Also, you can take Vitamin D Herbal Supplements for Seborrheic Keratosis but you need to talk with your doctor for the correct dosage.

Hydrogen peroxide:

You can use hydrogen peroxide as your Home Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis. You should apply hydrogen peroxide with a 23 – 80% concentration of seborrheic keratosis. After you have applied this home remedy on the seborrheic keratosis, they will turn pink and form scabs.

Do not touch:

You should resist the urge to pick, scratch, or itch the skin which is affected with seborrheic keratosis because in this way you are increasing your risk of bleeding, inflammation, and in rare cases infection.

Be patient:

You should be patient about the treatment that you use for seborrheic keratosis. There are some cases when the seborrheic keratosis has reversed on its own without any treatment. If you are patient, you may find out that your seborrheic keratosis has disappeared.

Coconut oil:

You can use this Herbal Treatment for seborrheic keratosis to fight against seborrheic keratosis. You can consume two to three tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis because this is one of the best ways to rid of and prevent toxic rancid fat from accumulating in the body. [3]

Avoid certain foods:

You should avoid some foods which can cause you allergies. Also, you should limit your intake of inflammatory foods.

Fish oil:

You can use fish oil as your Natural Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis. Also, you can use a krill oil supplement. Both home remedies can help you to rid of the toxic rancid fat as well as from preventing it to accumulate in the body.

Cut off blood supply:

There are some people who have seborrheic keratosis on their scalp so if this is your case, and then you can use your hair as Seborrheic Keratosis Natural Treatment. You can tie the long strands of hair around the base of the growth so in this way you will cut off the blood supply. As time passes, you will notice that the seborrheic keratosis will start to shrink, darken and it will eventually fall off. Many people have said that this is a painful treatment but it is effective. It has been noticed that this natural treatment will eliminate the seborrheic keratosis in a period of several weeks to more than a month. [4]

Tea tree oil:

You should apply this home remedy to your seborrheic keratosis in order to treat it. This Herbal Products for Seborrheic Keratosis can help you to rid of this condition. You should use this home remedy up to a week after the seborrheic keratosis has been expelled from your skin because in this way you will ensure yourself that there will not be complications. [5]

Nectar and water:

This is one of the best home remedies which you can use for seborrheic keratosis. You can mix nectar and water and apply them to the affected areas. Let it stay there for three hours. After this period has passed, you should wash the nectar off.

Aloe Vera:

You can use this home remedy as your Seborrheic Keratosis Herbal Treatment. If you have decided to buy Aloe Vera gel from the market, then you should buy some type that does not have chemicals in it. But it is always better to use fresh Aloe Vera gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaf. You should apply this gel directly to your skin and do it two times per day. You can see improvements in your condition after one or two weeks.

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