A story of 4 year old twin suffering from Granuloma Annulare!

Here’s a story we found about a 4 year old twin suffering from Granuloma Annulare narrated by the grandmother. It was shared on Medical Stories but we found it on www.ourhealth.com The grandmother says “My 4 yr old grandaughter was recently diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare via a biopsy. She is a faternal twin, her twins does not have this condition. She started showing little bumps under the skin on her upper inner thighs at about 1 yr of age. Dr. didn’t seemed concerned, thought maybe her clothing was rubbing her thighs and causing an irritation. They progressively enlarge and eventually formed the ‘ring’ appearance. They were directly across from each other and I told the kids I felt it was ringworm and that it had transferred from one original location to the other leg though contact of the thighs with each other. Dr. did not believe it was ringworm and sent them to a dermotologist. She did a biospsy and was confirmed to be Granuloma Annulare. Since the biospy she has gotten 2 more lesions, small but already in a ring form. Once under her buttocks and one on the opposite side of her body on the back of the knee. I think the ‘trauma’ of the biospy brought on the new lesions. Does anyone else have a similar experience? We are going to have blood work to check for thyroid problems and diabetes – I have hypo thyroid and I think her mother (my daughter) does, however doctors say her levels are normal. I don’t believe there is a ‘normal’ level, I think each individual’s body has it’s own level that is normal for them. I always tested in the normal range too, low but within normal range, then found a doctor who put me on levoxyl and I am doing much better. My grandaughter’s father’s family has a history of diabetes. My grandaughter seems very sensitive to all bug bites which I believe is related – I think the smallest episode of ‘trauma’ may cause an outbreak on her and she is a very active 4 yr old! Any thoughts or suggestions? I fear this will spead to other parts of her body and hate to think of her having this to deal with while growing up, other kids can be so cruel…. Any info will be greatly appreciated. I noticed most postings are from adults and am interested in hearing from other parents or grandparents who have children with this condition. Is there a link with the trauma to the legs during infant vaccinations?” Granuloma Annulare

So she posted this and she wants some information regarding this. You can also help her by replying her here https://www.ourhealth.com/conditions/medical-stories/granuloma-annulare-4-yr-old-twin

and if you want to get some information you can benefit too from other people’s experiences. So, if you post for her and others post for you it’s going to be in mutual interest of all of those suffering from this disorder! Good luck!


Emphysema Cure with A Vitamin!!

You know we are always on the go for you so that we can find a latest research or a new finding to manage various disorders so while researching on Emphysema we found this very interesting article on daily mail website.
Here’s the article pasted as was written on the original source.


“A vitamin found in eggs and milk could hold the key to curing the potentially fatal lung disease emphysema, new research has revealed.
British scientists have found that retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A, can reverse damage caused to the lungs by the previously incurable disease.
Tests on mice have found that damaged lungs have been repaired to normal by the compound, which is already used to treat chronic acne.
Trials are now being carried out to see if it could have similar success if used on humans.
Emphysema is one of the most common respiratory diseases in Britain and causes progressive damage to the lungs, which can eventually kill. There is currently no cure.
Early symptoms include breathlessness but sufferers can be left gasping for breath and reliant on oxygen.
It usually affects older people and is generally the result of long-term damage to the lungs caused by smoking or exposure to other harmful substances.
Professor Malcolm Maden, of the Medical Research Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King’s College, London, said his team’s research held out “great hope” for the development of a treatment for emphysema in humans.
He said the retinoic acid compound worked on tissue cells in the lungs, causing them to regenerate.
Emphysema begins with the destruction of tiny air sacs (alveoli), which creates permanent “holes” in the walls of the lungs.
As the air sacs are destroyed the lungs are able to transfer less and less oxygen to the bloodstream.
Prof Maden said that during the tests on mice his compound made the alveoli grow back again until they returned to normal levels.
He said: “We saw quite dramatic results. It is potentially hopeful for emphysema sufferers, and for premature babies who often suffer from loss of alveoli because of treatments given to stimulate lung growth.”
Clinical trials have begun in America to see if the treatment could be used on humans.
A spokeswoman from the British Lung Foundation gave the research a cautious welcome.
She said: “The BLF welcomes any interesting developments in research which may offer new options to patients with COPD (an umbrella term for chronic bronchitis and emphysema), a severely debilitating condition.
“However, the BLF would like to examine this research to understand fully whether this might be a viable option in the future.
“Currently, COPD is the fifth biggest killer worldwide and is the only major cause of death increasing in the UK.”
The research was based on a chemical compound of retinoic acid taken from Vitamin A, and not from a dietary intake of the substance.”
You can read more by following the link below:


Hello! Hello! We’ve got some tips to kill those Eye Bags!!

sleepy all day long. You just can’t see those gloomy eyes and take more stress and make the condition worse. Here we’ve stolen some nice tips to take care of Eye Bags from theguardian.com and by that we don’t actually mean that we stole them: D we just copied along with the reference for your information dearies.
Here’s the interesting stuff that we found.
Source: www.theguardian.com
They say that “Eye bags are partly down to genes and worsen with age. They may also signal an allergy. Sadly, though, according to the British Association of Dermatologists, nothing has been scientifically proven to reduce them. We do know that they are often caused by fluid retention, and that dehydration might exacerbate this, so increasing your water intake could help. Other than that, you could try these popular but scientifically unproven treatments. If nothing else, they might cheer you up.

1 Yo-Tox. The hottest non-surgical “facelift” trend from Manhattan: “Sit cross-legged and place the first two fingers of each hand on either side of your nose about an inch down from the center of your eyes,” instructs facial yoga expert Katrina Repka. “This is an ayurvedic energy point. Keep a light pressure, close your eyes, and turn your eyes upwards in your head to gaze at the third-eye point – between your eyebrows. Stay for 5-10 seconds and repeat as needed to help reduce puffiness and stimulate the drainage of fluid from the eye area.

2 Take a nap. Though no research backs up the sleep-eyebag link, psychological studies show that we feel worse about our appearance when sleep deprived. Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre has established that a 15-minute nap is enough to fool the brain into thinking it has had a proper night’s sleep.

3 Cool off. Jane Griffin, a facial mapping specialist at Neal’s Yard Remedies, in London, says a cooling eye gel may help to shrink the blood vessels, reducing some of the puff.

eye bags

4 Acupressure. The acupressure point for eyes is on the mound on your palm just below the index finger. Press it. Repeatedly.

5 Potato therapy. “Potatoes contain catecholase, used in some cosmetics as a skin lightener,” says Charlotte Vohtz, founder of the natural cosmetics company Green People. “Rest half moons of potato on the eye bags for 20 minutes.” At the very least, you’ll get some rest before the next festive boozathon.
So, these seem very helpful. Do try them and let us know the results too.

***This research article is not by any means our personal asset and we have no right to edit or change it so, whatever we are posting here in the research blog is for information sharing purpose only. ***


Here we’ve got some tips on Flatulence!

We’ve got some good tips to share which we gathered from the website of Harvard publications. It was a good read and had some information which can help people suffering from gas issues. Sharing it here as it was posted on the portal.
Source: Harvard Health Publication
The author mentions 12 tips for reducing gas.
Begin reading here!

“Chaucer, Mel Brooks (of course!), even Ingmar Bergman (in the opening scene of Fanny and Alexander) have all used flatulence to get some laughs. But in excess, which often involves a painful bloated feeling, Flatulence isn’t much fun for the person having it — or those nearby.
In 2007, the American College of Gastroenterology put out a helpful list of 10 tips for dealing with intestinal gas. We did some of our own research, made some additions, and ended up with an even dozen.

1. It’s normal — and maybe a good sign.

Most adults release intestinal gas 10 to 20 times a day. Some of the most healthful foods — beans, broccoli, some whole grains — tend to cause gas. A little bit of extra flatulence could be an indication that you’re eating the way you should!

2. Slow down, you’re eating too fast, you’ve got to make the mealtime last.

Whenever you eat or drink something, a little bit of air goes down with it. Some of that air beats a hasty retreat in the form of a burp, but some may also get into the stomach and eventually make its way through the entire digestive tract. Much of the advice about reducing flatulence aims to reduce the amount of this incidental air intake: Eat and drink slowly and chew food thoroughly.

3. Airy now, pay later.

Air also gets into the gut if it’s incorporated into food and drinks. Beer, soda, and other carbonated beverages are prime culprits. The gastroenterologists’ tips also warn about air-filled milk shakes, sponge cake, and souffle.

4. Smoking: What doesn’t it cause!

Apparently some air gets swallowed when people smoke. Anti smoking campaigns have tried to scare people with dire warnings about heart and lung disease. Maybe flatulence should be added to the list of consequences.


5. Avoid the brimstone.

Flatus contains a mixture of gases, but the bad smell comes from the ones that contain sulfur, chiefly hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. Putting less sulfur into your system can reduce the amount that comes out. Foods with notable sulfur content include eggs, meat, and cauliflower.

6. Beans and some vegetables can be trouble…

There’s a trio of larger sugars — raffinose, stachyose, and verbascose — that manage to arrive in our colons relatively unscathed because we lack the enzymes to digest them. The reprieve doesn’t last long, though. Bacterial residents of the colon feed on these sugars, producing gas as a by-product. Beans, lentils, other legumes, and some vegetables cause flatulence because they contain these sugars. Beans won’t produce as much gas if you boil them briefly, let them sit for an hour in the water, and then cook them again in a fresh pot of water. Just cooking them longer may also do the trick.

7. …but Beano may help a little.

Beano is the brand name for a nonprescription pill that contains alpha-galactosidase, an enzyme that breaks down the indigestible sugars before they can reach the colon. An Italian study published in 2006 found that a very high dose (the equivalent of eight regular Beano pills) reduced flatulence, but a more normal dose (two Beano pills) didn’t reach statistical significance. Still, Beano is worth a try.

8. Not so sweet in the end.

Foods sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup can cause bloating and flatulence in some people because their small intestines can’t absorb large amounts of fructose. Sorbitol and the other sugar alcohols (maltitol, xylitol) can also be gas producers.

9. Remedies with question marks.

Charcoal pills (CharcoCaps, other brands) are supposed to absorb the smelly sulfurous gases in the colon before they’re emitted as flatus, but study results have been inconsistent. Simethicone, the active ingredient in antigas products like Gas-X, works by dissolving gas bubbles. It’s been a mainstay gas medicine for years, but experts rate the benefit as questionable.

10. Odor-eating underwear.

They’re the opposite of the whoopee cushion: seat cushions with charcoal filters that are supposed to absorb flatus. Dr. Michael Levitt, a Minneapolis researcher famous for his flatulence research, reported results comparing the cushions with other products made with odor-eating materials. Underwear made with an activated carbon fiber absorbed nearly all the sulfur-containing gases; pads worn inside underwear, 55% to 77% of it; and the cushions, only 20%. The underwear is expensive, though: The brand that Levitt used in his experiment costs $65.

11. Adjusting the ecosystem.

The bacteria in the intestines operate as a little ecosystem. Too few or too much of a particular species can produce excessive flatulence. Taking probiotics, which restock the gut with bacteria, can help. Sometimes the problem is too much bacteria. Rifaximin (Xifaxan), an antibiotic used primarily to treat traveler’s diarrhea, is also sometimes prescribed for gut problems, including excessive flatulence. However, it’s not approved for that purpose, so it may not be covered by insurance.

12. Walking away from the problem.

A Spanish study published in 2006 showed that study subjects retained less gas in their gut if they gently exercised (pedaling while on their backs so they would be as close as possible to a resting position). Of course, this means more flatulence not less. But if you’re outdoors or in an open area, no one may notice — and you’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable.
We’ve pasted the information as it was posted on the Harvard Health Publications therefore, we are not responsible for any misinformation and any repercussions associated with these tips. You can try them at your own risk and for further reading and more information you can visit www.health.harvard.edu/SG.
***This research article is not by any means our personal asset and we have no right to edit or change it so, whatever we are posting here in the research blog is for information sharing purpose only. ***


What’s the latest in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia research and handling?

Hello everyone! While reading up on the latest development in research department related to Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia we came across many interesting and latest researches but we will share them all individually from time to time. Currently, we are updating you with a latest research on WM and its treatment that has been published by a well-renowned online portal cancer.org.
In this particular article we will only be stating the latest research in biological therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies only. There are some more developments which will be discussed in the next few articles.
The website states based on their research on chemotherapy and targeted therapies that “clinical trials are studying new drugs to treat WM, as well as ways to use drugs already known to be effective by combining them in new ways, using different doses, or different sequences of drugs, one after another.
Some of the newer types of drugs that have shown promise against WM include:

  •  MTOR inhibitors, such as everolimus (Afinitor) and temsirolimus (Torisel)
  •  Proteasome inhibitors, such as bortezomib (Velcade), carfilzomib (Kyprolis), and oprozomib
  • Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors, such as panobinostat
  • Bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitors, such as ibrutinib

Other types of drugs might also be helpful. Doctors have observed that an anti-cholesterol medication (simvastatin) seems to help lower IgM levels in the lab. A study to see if this drug can help patients with WM is going on now.”
In the same research they also posted about biological therapy and stated that “another new approach to Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia treatment is the use of biological response modifiers that stimulate the patient’s own immune system to attack and destroy the lymphoma cells.
For example, it has recently been found that the bone marrow support tissues (stromal cells) produce a substance called interleukin 6 (IL-6). IL-6 is a strong growth factor for multiple myeloma cells. IL-6 also helps cause the bone destruction seen in myeloma. Some current research efforts are focused on trying to develop ways to block these functions of IL-6, which may lead to new treatments for WM.”

Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia

This post by no means state that these therapies are one of the best therapies and. These are not recommended by any of our team members as none of these have been personally tried and tested. We are only sharing the post for information purpose only and to educate the visitors or the victims of WM who are coming to find some information related to this disorder.
For your reference or to double check we are posting a direct link to the website here: www.cancer.org



The news on Diagnosis of Costochondritis

A lot of people do wonder about the diagnosis of Costochondritis as the chest pain it brings along can be a symptom of so many disorders. In order to make things clear we thought to do some research online to gather it all here in one place for so many of you yearning to find out the correct diagnosis for this disorder. Here is our first research and we will keep posting more. We found some very helpful information on


which we thought should be shared with you all.
We have pasted the word by word article here so that we are not blamed for breaching and copyright laws. The website states the following:
“If you have symptoms of costochondritis, your GP will carry out a physical examination by looking at and touching the upper chest area around your costochondral joint. They will ask you when and where your pain occurs, and look at your recent medical history.
Before a diagnosis can be confirmed, some tests may need to be carried out to rule out other possible causes of your chest pain. These may include:

  •  an electrocardiogram (ECG), which records the rhythms and electrical activity of your heart
  • a blood test to check for signs of underlying inflammation
  • a chest X-ray


If no other condition is suspected or found, a Diagnosis of Costochondritis may be made. Tietze’s syndrome may be diagnosed if you have swelling in your chest, in addition to your other symptoms.

Hope you find this information helpful and don’t go anywhere. Stick to this space for so many news and articles we collect for you so that you can be very well aware of the disease and know what others have found our through their research. We are very open to all sorts of information and we believe all websites that provide CORRECT information should be studied and don’t base you opinions on one portal only.


Most Common Medications For Benign Essential Tremor

While doing a research on recent medications for BET (Benign Essential Tremor) found the following two most common medications which help eradicate this disease. But it is believed that these medicated treatments have various side effects too. Here is the excerpt taken from an online portal. Have a look.
The 2 medications are:
Primidone and Propranolol
The most commonly prescribed Benign Essential Tremor medications are Primidone and Propranolol. Primidone is an anti-convulsant medication used to treat Epilepsy and seizures. According to the Essential Tremor Essential Tremor website, approximately 60% of BET patients have successful results with Primidone. I personally have had great success with using Primidone. Within 48 hours after I started taking Primidone I saw a great reduction in my hand tremors. Primidone should be taken at bedtime to avoid initial side effects. Some side effects of using Primidone are fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms. Even though some of these side effects can occur when you first start using Primidone, there are very few long-term problems associated with its use.
Propranolol is a beta-blocker and is typically prescribed for treating high blood pressure and certain heart conditions. I have never tried Propranolol to treat my BET, so I have no personal experience with this prescription. Like Primidone, approximately 60% of patients have successful results with using Propranolol. Some side effects include decreased blood pressure and pulse rate, diarrhea, weight gain, rash, nausea, impotence, fatigue and depression. BET patients who have heart problems, asthma and diabetes may not be able to take Propranolol.
This writing has been taken from an online web portal.

A Little Bit About Flatulence – Why Do Farts Smell?

What is Flatulence?

Wikipedia says Flatulence is defined in the medical literature as “flatus expelled through the anus” or the “quality or state of being flatulent”, which is defined in turn as “marked by or affected with gases generated in the intestine or stomach; likely to cause digestive flatulence. “The root of these words is from the Latin flatus – “a blowing, a breaking wind”. Flatus is also the medical word for gas generated in the stomach or bowels. These standard definitions do not reflect the fact that a proportion of intestinal gas may be composed of swallowed environmental air, and hence flatus is not totally generated in the stomach or bowels. The scientific study of this area of medicine is termed flatology. Natural Herbs Clinic specialist invented Herbal Remedies for Flatulence treatment which include different kinds of herbal ingredients which work properly without any risk.


Ever wondered why farts smell? Here while reading up on Flatulence we came up with this article therefore we thought of sharing it with you. Have a look. This article has been taken from kidzworld.
The smell of farts comes from gas and mercaptans (other gases) in the mixture. These compounds contain sulfur. The more sulfur-rich foods you eat, the more sulfides and mercaptans will be made by the bacteria in you guts, and the more your farts will stink. Foods like cauliflower, eggs and meat are really bad for making stinky farts. Beans on the other hand, may make you fart a lot but they aren’t usually the smelly kind.

Flatulence Causes

Flatulence Causes can be different from minor issues to potentially fatal ones. These contain accumulation of gas producing foods such as apple, broccoli, lentils, raisins etc. Fermentation of these food products by yeast and prokaryotes produces gases in GIT. Other causes comprise medicines, constipation, bowel obstruction, crohn’s disease and hormonal level changes. Too much mucous creation due to nausea and esophageal reflux infection can also lead to flatulence.

Flatulence Symptoms

Flatulence Symptoms are bloating, pain, and abdominal distention due to the trapped wind which can be there due to irritable bowel condition, increasing in abdominal girth enhance in flatus quantity, foul smell and loss of voluntary power over its passage.

Flatulence Treatment

Anti flatus drugs are suggested for the Flatulence Treatment but they have several side effects such as allergic reaction and are typically risky for pregnant women. Flatulence herbal product is natural formula which will convert the gas in tiny bubbles so that it can be effortlessly passed and reduce pressure. Other technique of controlling flatulence are avoiding smoking, chewing gum, carbonated drinks, flatus producing food and Herbs for Flatulence. Use of this herbal method can save you from the next social discomfiture.

Herbal Remedies for Flatulence

Natural Herbal Remedies for Flatulence

Ginger and peppermint are effective Herbal Remedies for Flatulence. these might do more than add flavor to your food. These are just some of the Flatulence Herbal Treatment which work properly and without side effects, and hopefully that you have these all things in your kitchen already.

Carom seeds include a compound named thymol which secretes gastric juices that assist in digestion,” explains by Natural Herbs Clinic. For Natural Treatment for Flatulence you can have about half a teaspoon of carom seeds with water once a day to feel better.

Drinking jeera water is one of the best Herbal Treatment for Flatulence. “Jeera or cumin include essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands which assist in better absorption of food and prevents the creation of excess gas,” say specialist of Natural Herbs Clinic.  Take some cumin seeds and boil it in two cups of water for 15 minutes. Let it chill first, strain and drink the water after having your meals.

Read more about Herbal Remedies for Flatulence at: Natural Herbs Clinic.


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Latest Research on Hair Loss (Alopecia)

An article by Libby Clark presents a latest research on Alopecia which is also commonly known as hair loss and Herbal Remedies for Alopecia also mention in this article . The article with title “The Solution to Male-Pattern Baldness?”A study (of mice) finds a molecule that tells hair to grow.

Here we have pasted the study which explains the title in greater detail.
“An estimated 50 million American men have given up the battle against genetic hair loss. But scientists unwilling to surrender have taken a step forward in the fight: A recent study identifies a molecule called laminins-511 that tells hair follicles to start the growing cycle. The protein acts like a messenger traveling beneath the inner-layer of skin to jump start the hair-growing process.


Researchers believe these findings may one day be the solution to male-pattern baldness, as well as hair loss from chemotherapy or severe burns. But there is a catch: Researchers conducted the study on mice, and since mouse and human hair growth are different, further investigation is necessary. In the study, laminins-511 was successful in initiating the very first hair-growth cycle, which simply repeats as an organism ages. Researchers hope the protein will also work to make hair grow later in life for humans. Male baldness associated with aging is the obvious target of such research, because it involves hair follicles that simply get stuck in the hair-growing cycle. The prospect is that laminins-511 can make them unstuck, said Dr. Ronald Crystal, chairman of genetic medicine at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

The study authors are exploring options for manufacturing large enough quantities of laminins-511 for human clinical trials and petitioning the FDA for approval now. They anticipate the process will take at least 2 years. But FDA approval shouldn’t be a problem—laminins-511 is naturally produced by the body, so there shouldn’t be any adverse side effects.”

Alopecia Natural Treatment

Natural Herbals Remedies for Alopecia Treatment

In the meanwhile till the research comes in action and a final product is made Alopecia Natural Treatment don’t just wait and let your hair fall off your scalp. Try using Alopecia Herbal Treatment and you can also try a safe Herbal Remedies for Alopecia that does not completely cure Alopecia but definitely aids a lot in growing back the lost hair and make them thicker over time. The medicine is safe to use and has no adverse effects either.