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Lemongrass Oil


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Herbal Treatment For Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil

In recent years, essential oils from a number of plants have been examine for their antiseptic qualities – lemongrass oil for nail fungus is one natural cure that shows considerable promise. Lemongrass Oil is the oil extracted from the lemongrass plant, Cymbopogon citrates, and the same plant that is often used to impart a lemony flavor to various traditional Asian dishes. The medicinal qualities of lemongrass are not so well recognized to most of us as the culinary uses but, in fact, this plant has been used for centuries to treat certain disease: infectious diseases and fevers, as an antiseptic, and as an insect repellent among other things. Today’s refined methods for extracting the concentrated Lemongrass Oil have made it well-liked as an element in numerous different products.

This plant will grow year round where the temperature stays 45 degrees or above. It goes dormant in the winter months and is not frost hardy. It’s rich in citral, an element in lemon peel, so it has a strong lemon scent, with insect repellent properties. Lemongrass is found approximately the world in countries including: Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Essential Lemongrass Oil is dark yellow to reddish brown in color. It has many benefits and is used in various ways.

Lemongrass Oil in toenail fungus cure is tapped for its clear antifungal properties but as well for its quality of preserving nails. Protecting nails from unwanted moisture. The mechanics of how the essential oil works is it injects natural fluid into the nail. And the natural quality to repel unwanted moisture or water protects infected nail from more damage of the fungi and helps curtail fungal growth by limiting moisture supply.

The taste of lemongrass is clearly citrus-like or lemony, but it is not acidic. The fragrance is more floral-like. Its tanginess or tartness blends well with strong, pungent spices. Lemongrass Oil may be used to flavor soups, vegetable dishes, poultry, stir frys, fish, seafood, baked goods and fruit dishes. It is a common element for herbal teas.

Lemongrass Oil Ingredients:

  • Lemongrass Oil Distillation Plants

Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil

Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil

Benefits of Lemongrass Oil include are:

  • Lemongrass Oil for Relieves Pain
  • Lemongrass Oil for Cellulite
  • Lemongrass Oil for Inhibits Microbial Growth
  • Lemongrass Oil for Heals Wounds
  • Lemongrass Oil for Removes Flatulence
  • Lemongrass Oil for Stimulates Urination
  • Lemongrass Oil for Cures Fungal Infections
  • Lemongrass Oil for Kills Insects
  • Lemongrass Oil for Sedative Effect
  • Lemongrass Oil for Antibacterial/Antifungal
  • Lemongrass Oil for Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant
  • Lemongrass Oil for Sedative
  • Lemongrass Oil for Antiseptic
  • Lemongrass Oil for Diuretic
  • Lemongrass Oil for Facial Sauna
  • Lemongrass Oil for Facial Mask
  • Lemongrass Oil for Insomnia
  • Lemongrass Oil for Joint Pain
  • Lemongrass Oil for Heartburn
  • Lemongrass Oil for Flea Repellant
  • Lemongrass Oil for Acne
  • Lemongrass Oil for High Blood Pressure
  • Lemongrass Oil for Fatigue
  • Lemongrass Oil for Hair Growth
  • Lemongrass Oil for Toenail Fungus
  • Lemongrass Oil for Reduces Depression
  • Lemongrass Oil for Lowers Fever
  • Lemongrass Oil for Astringent Property
  • Lemongrass Oil for Deodorant
  • Lemongrass Oil for Battles Infections
  • Lemongrass Oil for Promotes Lactation
  • Lemongrass Oil for Cures Nervous Disorders
  • Lemongrass Oil for Acts as Tonic
  • Lemongrass Oil for Antipyretic
  • Lemongrass Oil for Carminative
  • Lemongrass Oil for Anticarcinogenic
  • Lemongrass Oil for Astringent
  • Lemongrass Oil for Mood Enhancement
  • Lemongrass Oil for Muscle Relaxer
  • Lemongrass Oil for Headache Relief
  • Lemongrass Oil for Treating Shock
  • Lemongrass Oil for Wound Treatment
  • Lemongrass Oil for Insect
  • Lemongrass Oil for Indigestion
  • Lemongrass Oil for Cholesterol
  • Lemongrass Oil for Athlete’s Foot

Usage Of Lemongrass Oil

Usage of Lemongrass Oil include are:

  • For sore joints and muscle strains, combine the same quantity of the oil and Coconut Oil, then massage topically around the areas giving you problem. It will soothe the pains away.
  • To promote healthy digestion, you can use it to flavor meat dishes and entrees.
  • To achieve healthy and clean toenails, mix it with Melaleuca then apply to the nails. This can be done for numerous days for best results to be reaped.
  • If you are looking for a way to keep insects at bay while outdoors, massage a little Lemongrass Oil onto your skin. It works wonders in repel the insects.
  • If you are feeling desperate, anxious or having a feeling of unrest, you can inhale the Lemongrass Oil, softly by placing a drop on your palm and rubbing the hands together before inhaling for at least 30 seconds. You will love how relaxed and calm the Lemongrass Oil will make you feel.
  • It can be used in the position workout soothing bath. Simply add at least 10 drops of the Lemongrass Oil and add marjoram oil in two cups of Epsom salt before pouring under running hot water so the salt can melt entirely. You can then soak in the bath for half an hour to soothe your whole body after an intense workout.
  • To utilize as a refreshing deodorant, fill a spray bottle of 4 oz. with ten drops of the lemongrass essential oil and moreover witch hazel and then spray the solution under your arms to stay fresh.
  • If you want to enjoy the energy boosting benefits of Lemongrass Oil, make a blend of the oil, peppermint and wild orange in the same parts and put in your diffuser.
  • Being a sedative is maybe one of the most essential and most appreciated medicinal properties of Lemongrass Oil. It has great soothing; sedating and calming effects on the mind, treats inflammations, itching of skin and it alleviate tension and anxiety.
  • Lemongrass Oil helps bring down the fever by fight the infections from which the fever is caused, as well as by increasing perspiration, which induces sweating of toxins.
  • Lemongrass Oil has excellent fungicidal properties and may be used to treat fungal infections, both external and internal.


Lemongrass Oil is safe to use in moderation, but should be avoided by young children, pregnant female, those with kidney or liver disease, those with glaucoma and those with sensitive skin. Essential Lemongrass Oil has bioactive ingredients. This means they contain natural chemicals that interact with biological systems. They are potent chemicals and should be used with care! Never utilize huge quantity of Lemongrass Oil externally, or internally. Not at all use them straight. They must always be diluted in carrier oil, or lotion, soap, or other buffering agent. Finally, never use them without knowing what their bioactive compounds are known to do.


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