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Herbal Treatment For Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has grown to become one of the top essential oils and this is due to the detail it contains powerful antifungal. This successfully helps control all various types of fungus, yeasts and bacteria. This essential oil dates back hundreds of years ago where it was normally used as a natural remedy for treating different skin conditions ranging from warts to dandruff. It as well contains antibacterial properties which are resulting from the leaves of the Narrow Paperbark Tree.

The aboriginal people made utilize of the Tea Tree Oil leaves for healing burns, infection and skin abrasions by crushing fresh leaves and applying the leaves to the affected area. The tea-tree leaves have antifungal as well as anti septic properties as the oil of the tea tree contains terpenoids. The tea tree oil from the trees antimicrobial activity is a compound of the terpinen-4-ol which is abundant in the leaves.

It can be used for several health circumstances such as thrush, dandruff, acne, boils, periodontal disease, vaginitis and athlete’s foot as well as eczema, yeast infections, lice and psoriasis. The oil of the tree is made up into a pure essential oil and is as well an added ingredient in ointments, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and creams. One needs to be aware that this tree is not the same as niauouli oil, Tea Tree Oil, Chinese tea oil, kanuka oil, cajeput oil and manuka oil.

Tea Tree Oil Ingredients:

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Here are lots of Benefits of Tea Tree Oil to stock up tea tree oil in your cupboard:


Usage of Tea Tree Oil

Usage of Tea Tree Oil:

  • You can utilize a cream or gel that has Tea Tree oil as an ingredient in it or you can drop a few drops of the oil into your creams or lotion if they do not have tea tree oil as an ingredient already.
  • Tea Tree Oil for Acne: A study done in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Department of Dermatology proved Tea Tree oil as extremely successful in treatment of moderate acne.
  • Inhaled tea tree oil helps breathing easier by “breaking up congestion”. It can as well reduce the symptoms of flu, cold, sore throat and systemic fungal infection.
  • Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff: Tea tree shampoo helped extensively reduce dandruff symptoms after 4 weeks of use. This was reveled in a research complete on 126 public with mild to moderate dandruff. This is due to its capability to treat Malassezia furfur, the general common cause of the dandruff.
  • Tea Tree Oil for Athlete’s Foot: A research to treat athlete’s foot was done and 50% Tea Tree Oil way out and placebo was used. After two every day applications for 4 weeks, tea tree oil was found to be significantly more successful than placebo.
  • Tea Tree Oil for Toenails and Fungal Infection: A further study found that 100% Tea Tree Oil was as helpful on toenail fungus infection as was the usual antifungal medication of 1% clotrimazole solution.
  • Tea Tree Oil is moreover useful against candidiasis and further vaginal infections.
  • It can as well be used as a bath preservative and also may possibly control bacteria in spas and pools.
  • Tea Tree Oil is also used in makeup products to make tea tree soap and shampoo.
  • It has also been used in treatments for eye disease and Blepharitis.
  • It is as well used in toothpastes, mouth washes for curing bad breath and gum diseases.
  • It is also helpful in treating slight wounds, insect bites soothe sunburn and ear infection.
  • Tea Tree Oil diluted solution is also sold as to cure fungal and bacterial infection for pet fish.


The simple answer is yes, Tea Tree Oil is very safe. On the other hand, there are always the rare allergic reactions that one has to watch out for, if you are prone to allergic reactions then utilize with caution. Even though there are no inherent risks of simply applying tea tree oil, in some rare cases, person may be excessively sensitive to the oil, as a form of a small allergenic. This is meant as a topical agent, and must not be belief as an antibacterial agent for oral utilization. It should always be kept away from pets and children. Read caution before use Tea Tree Oil.


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