Post Polio Syndrome

Post Polio Syndrome – A Condition Which Affects The Polio Survivors

What Is Post Polio Syndrome?

Post polio syndrome is basically a condition which affects the survivors of polio years after they recover from the first acute attack of poliomyelitis virus. Moreover, PPS is chiefly characterized by the new weakening of muscle which was earlier affected by polio infection plus in muscle which were apparently unaffected. A successful and effective Herbal Remedies for Post Polio Syndrome are offered by Natural Herbs Clinic by the name of post polio syndrome, a product which is recognized and recommended by its pleased users.

Causes Of Post Polio Syndrome

The apparent causes of Post Polio Syndrome are yet unknown, however, the experts believe it to stems from the polio-related damage of nerve which causes the muscle wasting. Timing of signs greatly varies from sufferer to sufferer and may begin manifesting after 15 years a person has actually contracted polio.

Post Polio Syndrome Prognosis

Post Polio Syndrome often worsen gradually. With the combination of lifestyle modifications and certain approaches related to multi-disciplinary rehabilitation, sufferer can actually return or even approach their functioning of previous level. PPS does not often cause the symptoms which are as worse as the initial polio illness.

Post Polio Syndrome Symptoms

The major symptoms of PSS include pain, fatigue, muscle weakness and in few cases atrophy (wasting) of muscles which were involved in polio infection, normally the legs. In addition to the symptoms of PSS, intolerance to cold or heat, difficulty talking, sleeping, breathing or even swallowing a sufferer can notice. PPS can also lead abnormal muscle contraction, like spasm or quivering of your muscle in some small segments. Worsening disability could cause psychological and social problems.

Post Polio Syndrome

Post Polio Syndrome Prevention

As per the professionals of natural herbs clinic, for people with polio history, there is no particular way preventing PPS. Of course, the way preventing PPS in adults and children with no history of polio , polio vaccine is truly the best way to prevent, when your doctor recommends you.

Post Polio Syndrome Diagnosis

It could be rather difficult diagnosing PPS since there are no specific tests to confirm. GP could suspect post polio syndrome based on the medical history plus the physical examination results. For instance, Post Polio Syndrome can be actually suspected in case you have the history of polio in the past and had an extended period without any symptoms after the first infection. (often 15 years atleast). X-rays of the patients joints, spine or chest are expected to be advised. EMG tests can be conducted to determine whether the polio has either damaged your muscles and nerves or not. Sleep studies, tests in order to heck the heart function and rate, lung function test, MRI scan can also be advice in order to check the possibilities of PPS.

Post Polio Syndrome Treatment

Certain Treatments for Post Polio Syndrome include multi-disciplinary rehabilitation approach. Besides, physical therapy could be used in order to augment muscle endurance strength plus to prevent fall and improving balance. To treat, the doctor can prescribe you medication in order to cope with fatigue and pain. Injections can also be performing for the same purpose. Post polio syndrome, a product offered by Natural Herbs Clinic is by far, the effective treatment possible for PPS. It is prepared with hundred percent natural ingredients, thus has no side effects.

Natural Herbal Remedies for Post Polio Syndrome Treatment

Herbal Remedies for Post Polio Syndrome are used in post polio syndrome treatment. There is no cure but there are ways to help relieve symptoms. Exercise can be a safe and effective Natural Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome if prescribed and monitored by an experienced health care provider. Exercise is mostly meant to help the muscles that were not (or minimally) affected by polio.

Other natural Home Remedies for Post Polio Syndrome include:

  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Massage
  • Balneotherapy

Post Polio Syndrome Alternative Treatment should be discussed with your health care provider. The natural Herbal way to lessen the pain caused by polio and to treat it is mainly massage based. This Post Polio Syndrome Herbal Treatment revitalizes mostly the skin and is also used with natural anti-ageing treatments. Though in achieving this it also rejuvenates dead and wasted muscles which are why it is used as a remedy for paralysis, which is why it used on polio sufferers.

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