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Herbal Treatment For Urethritis

Herbal Treatment For Urethritis

Urethritis Herbal Treatment work wonderfully well on urinary tract infections. Herbal supplement can be used together with herbal treatment with antibiotics and for cases where no infection is found. It can be very helpful in building up the constitution, therefore reducing the risk of recurrence. Herbal supplement for Urethritis Herbal Treatment simple method that can reduce the chances of re-infection. Herbal treatment for urethritis boosts the immunity to fight infection and aid natural recovery. Urethritis Herbal Treatment is very useful in herbal supplement for cases of urethritis with marked urgency to pass urine. Herbal treatment for urethritis helps reduce inflammation of the urethra and manage symptoms of urethritis wonderfully.

Herbal Treatment for Urethritis often sees these patients many years after the initial infection, when they come for treatment of chronic disease. Patients commonly report that they have never been well since the original urethritis and herbal treatment. In my experience, careful Urethritis Herbal Treatment is very effective in treating these patients and can fully eradicate the disease. Our herbal method is safe and useful for Urethritis patient. It’s made with natural ingredients and it’s totally free from harmful chemical.

Natural Remedies For Urethritis

You can use Herbal Treatment as Natural Remedies for Urethritis here:

If you are interested in trying Natural Remedies for Urethritis or supplements to see if they help your symptoms, discuss them with your health care provider first. Some herbs and supplements can interact with medications or cause health problems in some people. While Natural Remedies for Urethritis are certainly effective at battling an infection but many people prefer a more natural solution. They are also helpful in preventing the infection from spreading to other parts of the reproductive system. Natural Remedies for Urethritis may be safe way to enhance the integrity and functioning of your body’s various systems.

Benefits Of Herbal Treatment

Benefits of Herbal Treatment for Urethritis include are:

  • Its helps flush bacteria out of the urethra
  • It reduces your chances of future infections.
  • It can help relieve symptoms in some cases and can help prevent future infections.
  • Its avoid passing the infection to your partner.
  • It helps your body ease infection risk.
  • It can treat serious infection is the underlying cause.

Why Do You Think You Should Go For Dietary Herbal Supplement?

You should go for dietary herbal supplement because:

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Packaged safely in air tight jars
  • Superior quality
  • Offer great value for money

Ingredients Used

Here is a list of ingredients used in this dietary herbal supplement for your reference:

  • Serpentine                      75 mg
  • Arillus Myristicae         60 mg
  • Elephant Creeper          30 mg
  • Nutmeg                           30 mg
  • Saffron                            19 mg

Disease Information

What Is Urethritis?

Urethritis is an infection/inflammation swelling or irritation of the lining of the urethra. It is caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa the urethra is a narrow tube that carries urine from the bladder, to outside the body Urethritis may affect men and women of all ages; however, it is usually observed in women of reproductive age group and young men common signs and symptoms connected with Urethritis include painful urination and urethral discharge the condition is diagnosed by a few tests that include urine analysis, culture, and examination of urethral discharge under a microscope with correct diagnosis and treatment, almost all the patients recover with no long-term complications.

When men develop Urethritis, the gonorrheal organism is a very common cause. Though this organism may infect the urethra in women, the vagina, uterus, ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes are more likely to be infected. Trichomonas, a type of microscopic parasite, also causes urethritis in men.

Medications will aim to treat the cause of the urethritis and to stop the spread of infection. Treatment options for urethritis generally include either antibiotics or antiviral medications. It’s imperative that you follow your treatment as prescribed to cure urethritis and lower your risk of complications. Urethritis Herbal Treatment was undertaken with herbal and Herbal Treatment for Urethritis with great success.

Causes Of Urethritis

Following are some of the root causes of Urethritis that are responsible for its onset:

  •     History of sexually transmitted diseases
  •     Bacterial infection
  •     Viral infection
  •     Gonorrhea
  •     Chlamydia
  •     Injury
  •     Sensitivity to the chemicals used in spermicides or contraceptive jellies, creams, or foams
  •     Having many sexual partners
  •     High-risk sexual behavior (such as anal sex without a condom)

Symptoms Of Urethritis

Some of the most common symptoms of Urethritis include:

  •     Burning pain while urinating (dysuria)
  •     Frequent or urgent urination
  •     Itching, tenderness, or swelling in the penis or groin area
  •     Abdominal pain
  •     Pelvic pain
  •     Vaginal discharge
  •     Blood in the urine or semen
  •     Discharge from penis
  •     Fever (rare)
  •     Pain with intercourse or ejaculation

Usage Instruction

  •   The herbal pill is intended for oral use only.
  •     Take 2 tablets each day in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner.
  •     Fix times for daily intake and follow precisely.
  •     Be regular to witness the most outstanding results.

Tips & Tricks

Here we have some old school tips compiled for you to take advantage from. We will keep updating them as soon as we come up with something new through experiment. In the meanwhile read and follow these:

  •     Try practicing safe sex by using hygienic and new condoms only
  •     Try to avoid sexual activity for some days and don’t over exert yourself
  •     Don’t use any tampons during the course of the illness
  •     Treat any infection that you might have
  •     Consult your doctor to check if you have any sort of bacterial or viral infection and get yourself treated


  • All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Urethritis management routine with our Herbal Alternative Medicine.
  • These tips and tricks are by no means a replacement of our herbal pills or any other prescribed medication.


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