Granuloma Annulare

A story of 4 year old twin suffering from Granuloma Annulare!

Here’s a story we found about a 4 year old twin suffering from Granuloma Annulare narrated by the grandmother. It was shared on Medical Stories but we found it on The grandmother says “My 4 yr old grandaughter was recently diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare via a biopsy. She is a faternal twin, her twins does not have this condition. She started showing little bumps under the skin on her upper inner thighs at about 1 yr of age. Dr. didn’t seemed concerned, thought maybe her clothing was rubbing her thighs and causing an irritation. They progressively enlarge and eventually formed the ‘ring’ appearance. They were directly across from each other and I told the kids I felt it was ringworm and that it had transferred from one original location to the other leg though contact of the thighs with each other. Dr. did not believe it was ringworm and sent them to a dermotologist. She did a biospsy and was confirmed to be Granuloma Annulare. Since the biospy she has gotten 2 more lesions, small but already in a ring form. Once under her buttocks and one on the opposite side of her body on the back of the knee. I think the ‘trauma’ of the biospy brought on the new lesions. Does anyone else have a similar experience? We are going to have blood work to check for thyroid problems and diabetes – I have hypo thyroid and I think her mother (my daughter) does, however doctors say her levels are normal. I don’t believe there is a ‘normal’ level, I think each individual’s body has it’s own level that is normal for them. I always tested in the normal range too, low but within normal range, then found a doctor who put me on levoxyl and I am doing much better. My grandaughter’s father’s family has a history of diabetes. My grandaughter seems very sensitive to all bug bites which I believe is related – I think the smallest episode of ‘trauma’ may cause an outbreak on her and she is a very active 4 yr old! Any thoughts or suggestions? I fear this will spead to other parts of her body and hate to think of her having this to deal with while growing up, other kids can be so cruel…. Any info will be greatly appreciated. I noticed most postings are from adults and am interested in hearing from other parents or grandparents who have children with this condition. Is there a link with the trauma to the legs during infant vaccinations?” Granuloma Annulare

So she posted this and she wants some information regarding this. You can also help her by replying her here

and if you want to get some information you can benefit too from other people’s experiences. So, if you post for her and others post for you it’s going to be in mutual interest of all of those suffering from this disorder! Good luck!


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